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Marketing Plan Pro 2006

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Marketing Plan Templates and Software
marketing plan templates

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Marketing Plan Pro 2006

  Product Features Standard Premier
  More than 70 Marketing Plan Templates X X
  SWOT Analysis X X
  Two Expert Business Books Included X X
  Built-in Graphic Forecaster X X
  Collaboration Features   X
  Market Demographics Analysis   X

The Easiest Way to Create a Professional Marketing Plan


The #1 Best Seller in its category, Marketing Plan Pro delivers powerful, yet simple to create marketing plans for your business or department. Create a complete marketing plan in just seven easy steps with this marketing plan software.

With over 70 marketing plan templates, plus instructions and examples at every step, you never need to worry about writer's block.

This latest version of Marketing Plan Pro gives you more help than ever to create a successful marketing plan for your specific industry and market. Marketing Plan Pro has been used by thousands of business owners and marketing managers to ease the task of creating a marketing plan. Marketing Plan Pro will lead you through the entire process of learning who your customers are, what their needs are and help you create a specific marketing plan to reach them.

Learn and use accepted marketing tools and strategies, including the creation of a...

  • Mission Statement

  • Executive Summary

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Channel Strategy, Sales and Expense Budget

  • Key Milestone Map

  • And Much More

Fast, Easy, and Complete


The proprietary EasyPlan Wizard® will enable even the most inexperienced marketer to create and implement practical marketing plans to find customers, raise awareness of your business and increase sales. Let Marketing Plan Pro walk you through the "ABCs" of marketing planning to quickly produce a professional and complete plan.

Marketing Plan Pro helps you build your strategy so you can present and execute your plan with precision. Include your own graphics, automatically develop full-color, 3-D charts, and complete Microsoft Excel-like financials. Then, run the numbers using the thousands of built-in industry profiles. Marketing Plan Pro also includes over 70 sample marketing plan templates that help you with writers block during the process.

Marketing Plan Pro 9.0  

Marketing Plan Pro is designed to make the marketing planning process faster and easier, while still producing a professional plan that will be respected by business colleagues. Marketing Plan Pro has been the market leader for seven years running.  

Target Market

Marketing Plan Pro is targeted at both owner/operators of small, but growing businesses and middle-managers at larger companies who need to produce a marketing plan for their division or new product.




Included Free, “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding"
by Al and Laura Reis, two of the world’s best-known marketing strategists

One product with all the features
We combined the Pro and Premier versions of Marketing Plan Pro into one powerful package that can meet the needs of any marketer. Five unique outlines, and a new Plan Setup Wizard make it easy to tailor Marketing Plan Pro to fit your needs.

New Focus on Marketing Plan Implementation
A fully reorganized plan outline that includes new topics, charts, and tables, keeps you focused on implementing your Marketing Plan.  We worked with industry marketing experts to provide you with everything you need to produce a winning marketing plan, implement it, and track the results.

Plan v. Actual
Make sure your company and your marketing initiatives are on track. Marketing Plan Pro includes tools to compare your plan to what actually happened. Easily chart your progress compared to your plan and make course corrections if necessary.

New Tables
Includes tables and topics to help you implement you plan. New tables include:

·          Customer Lifetime Value

·          ROI Calculators

·          Fixed Costs

·          Sales Pipeline

·          Departmental Milestones Tables

·          Target Market Messaging

·          Price List

·          Sales Account Plan

·          Pay-Per-Click ROAS

Five Unique Outline Types Match the Plan to Your Needs:
Create the type of plan that you need for your particular planning situation. Whether you are launching a new product or preparing a market summary for your team, Marketing Plan Pro creates the professional documents you need.

  • Complete Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Implementation Plan
  • Financial Plan

More Reporting Options
Marketing Plan Pro now includes the option for two full years of monthly financial reporting and an option for quarterly reports. Present your marketing plan your way with built-in flexibility.

Integrated Resources
Get the additional help you need directly from Marketing Plan Pro, including direct links to sources for market data, venture capital opportunities, and legal guidance.

Automatic Charts
Marketing Plan Pro includes dozens of colorful 3-d charts that help your marketing plan shine. Charts for tracking milestones, sales, and expense breakdowns make it easy to track results and implement your plan.

Show Off Your Plan
A marketing plan should look good too. Marketing Plan Pro prints a professional looking marketing plan that includes color charts, professional tables, and a format that’s sure to impress. Export your plan to PDF, create a PowerPoint presentation, or upload your plan to and share it over the Web – it’s up to you.  Improved formatting, and new printing options make it even better than before.

Sample Plan Browser
Open a sample marketing plan and view the Plan Setup summary to see if it's a good match for your business. You can then make specific changes to the sample plan in order to tailor the marketing plan for your particular business needs, goals and objectives.

Improved Report Writer
Based on your document type, the Report Writer will generate a finished report that includes only the data relevant to your business and planning objectives.

Custom Company Logo
Through a partnership with LogoYes, Marketing Plan Pro now delivers a custom logo that you can use on your marketing plan cover page to ensure you have a professional presentation.

New Plan Setup Wizard
Customize your plan to meet your needs with the new and improved Plan Setup Wizard. The Wizard will guide you through the process of configuring your plan outline, your financials, and other key settings to match your plan to your company and your industry.


Benefit sUMMARY

Marketing Plan Pro: “the most respected marketing plan software is also the easiest” 

·          Develop the best strategy for your business

·          Define your positioning

·          Impress your audience with automatic, professional formatting

·          Step-by-step expert guidance

·          Simple Budgeting

·          Completely Customizable

·          Track your performance and attain your goals

·          Plan and manage your marketing schedule and budget

·          Implement your strategy


·          CD-ROM drive (not necessary with download-only orders)

·          Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT4, 98

·          IBM Compatible Pentium comparable or better

·          Free disk space: 50MB typical, plus 70MB for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (required) MSIE 6.0 included on the enclosed CD-ROM

·          RAM: Operating system minimum requirements

·          Super VGA (800x600) with 256 colors (1024x768 with 16-bit color recommended)

·          Works with any printer supported by Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT4, 98

·          Internet access is required for all Internet features


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

As with all Palo Alto Software products, this product carries the 60-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason customers are not satisfied with marketing Plan Pro, Palo Alto Software will refund or offer an alternative product based on the purchase price within 60 days of the purchase date.


Standard Edition $187.50 US (included freight)

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marketing planning software templates
marketing planning software templates