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Advertising Plan Pro 2006

advertising plan pro
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Advertising Plan Templates and Software
advertising planning templates

Palo Alto Software

Advertising Plan Pro 2006

Advertising Plan Pro is a unique software tool designed especially for marketing communications specialists. It guides you through the creation of a complete, practical Integrated Marketing Communications Plan, from strategy to implementation and evaluation.

Expert Content


Advice from expert marketing communications specialists to help you produce a detailed plan.

For Marketing Managers


Decide how much your advertising should cost, how much should be invested in making sales grow, and validate that investment to others.

For Business Owners


Build a cohesive, integrated marketing communications campaign that ensures your advertising and communication efforts inform, educate, persuade, and remind your customers what you want them to hear.

For Advertising Account Managers


Increase the efficiency of your account management relationships, improve the quality of your creative strategy documents, and assure they are in line with your clients' goals and objectives.

Sample Advertising Plan Templates Included


Get started fast with sample Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plans. Just select one of the plans to get you started. The sample advertising plan templates provide examples and a framework for your own plan.


Standard Edition $299.99 plus $7.50 freight

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