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risk analysis software
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Project Risk Management Software
prject analysis software

RiskyProject  Professional 1.3

Advanced Project Risk Analysis Software by Intaver Institute Inc.

RiskyProject is project risk management software. Project managers can use RiskyProject for planning, scheduling, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties. RiskyProject allows managers to improve their ability to predict the course of projects and determine how risks and uncertainties will affect the project schedule. 

RiskyProject determines what is most important: project duration, cost, and finish time with and without risks, crucial tasks, critical risks, and project success rate. With RiskyProject you can manage the course of your project better: track project performance and risk together, analyze affect of your mitigation efforts. It can help increase the chance that project will be on time and on budget.


Price: $699 US



RiskyProject  Lite 1.3

Introduction to Project Risk Analysis Software by Intaver Institute Inc.

RiskyProject Lite is an introductory level project risk management software. RiskyProject allows project managers to perform project planning, scheduling,  quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of project with multiple risks and uncertainties. 

RiskyProject Lite designed for project managers without advanced knowledge of risk analysis theory. Just create project schedule or import it from  Microsoft Project, Primavera, FastTrack, Project KickStart, TurboProject, or other project management applications. Then create a risk list and perform simulation. RiskyProject Lite will determine how risks and uncertainties will affect project schedule.


Price: $299 US


RiskyProject Lite and RiskyProject Professional

RiskyProject professional features advanced risk analysis functionalities: project planning, scheduling, quantitative risk analysis, and project performance measurement. RiskyProject Lite has the same project scheduling and performance measurement functionalities, but it includes only basic quantitative risk analysis functionalities. 

Risky Project Features





Scheduling engine (Gantt chart, Resources, Costs)

Project, task, and resource risks: delay, restart start, end task, cancel task, increase cost, etc.

Uncertainties in duration, start and finish times and costs

Multiple statistical distributions including uniform, triangular, normal, lognormal, beta, beta pert, discrete, custom

Easily assign risks to task and resources

Monte Carlo simulation engine

Project Dashboard 3x3 view: simply way to see main project parameters, three crucial tasks, and three critical risks

Project Summary View with simulation results

Simulation Results Gantt chart

Simulation results for each task with charts and full statistical reports

Tracking project with uncertainties 

Sensitivity analysis view

Project and task deadlines

Tracking Gantt


Success Rate view


Crucial Task view


Risk Chart view (task duration/cost vs. risk)

Probabilistic and conditional branching

Correlations of risk events

Risk templates


Interface with Microsoft Project, Primavera, FastTrack, WelcomRisk, Project KickStart, TurboProject, and other project management software

WBS and PERT charts

Project decision analysis using Vanguard's DecisionPro

Export charts to various formats

Web presentation and analysis

Comprehensive tutorial

On-screen help, legends, and online documentation

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