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marketing strategy survey questions

   Marketing Strategy Questions 
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Business analysis feedback questions to ask (through survey or interview) regarding business marketing strategy management,  systems and practices.

These questions are designed to gather feedback and input  in order to determine areas which may be improved.

The Marketing Strategy Questions is question set #QSA-25 of the pre-packaged interview/survey/feedback questions. It contains 20 yes/no and short answer questions (see details below). Cost is $40 US. When ordered, it will be sent as a spreadsheet attached to an email. Microsoft Excel 2000, or similar program, is required to read and print the spreadsheet. 

Click HERE to to order the Marketing Strategy Question set, or to see business analysis interview questions for other business areas including 77 Sales and Marketing Plan Questions .

ea  - customer knowledge - 3 questions

buy separately for $15 USD


eb  - advertising  - 7 questions

buy separately for $35 USD


ec  - displays and literature - 4 questions

buy separately for $20 USD


ed  - product image  - 2 questions

buy separately for $10 USD


ef  - marketing gimmicks - 2 questions

buy separately for $10 USD


eg  - discounts - 2 questions

buy separately for $10 USD


QSA-25 Full Set of Marketing Strategy Questions - 20 questions - $40 USD

(save $60 USD)


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