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business financial analysis software

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business financial analysis software from Bizwiz Consulting will save you time and give you a competitive edge.

The first of their professional-grade, decision-enhancing products, the Bizwiz Ratio Analysis - Version 2.11, delivers results. Over 125 proven ratios have been tested to guarantee you the safety and confidence of results.

The easy-to-use Excel 2000 spreadsheets come complete with step-by-step instructions, ratio formulas, easy-to-read graphs, statistics and explanations of what each ratio indicates. The Bizwiz Ratio Analysis program enables you to easily benchmark your company against your competitors. The ratios are organized into 20 logical areas. The face page, table of contents and index enables you to quickly print a professional report.


In addition to above, the new Bizwiz Ratio Analysis - Version 2.11 allows you to:

  • Perform and discover the value of your business
  • Determine the immediate and short-term cash requirements and how it may effect ownership
  • Use year-to-date statements with the comfort that the Financial Ratio Analysis program prorates and presents the ratios consistently on an annualized basis.

Bizwiz Ratio Analysis v.2.11
Only $125 plus $75 per additional license
*Canadian Purchasers - $200 CDN + GST ($120 per additional license)
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You can enhance your company image by purchasing a White Copy, which enables you to replace the Bizwiz Consulting logo with your own.

White Copy of Bizwiz Ratio Analysis v.2.11
Only $1,000 plus $250 per additional license
* Canadian Purchasers - $1,600 CDN + GST ($400 per additional license) Click Here To Order

Comments From Users

Someone with three years of financial records would sure get insight without having to crunch the numbers themselves.
Roland M. Krueger, BComm, CFP, CLU, ChFC

A very useful tool.
Christina Kulovits, Director, ASBS Limited

An impressive collection of ratios!!!
Pete Pallone

Very thorough and complete ... the mini graphs provided easy comparisons at a glance ... very cleanly laid out.
Dave Richardson, B. Comm., Anduro Technologies Inc.

Coming Soon!

Coming Spring 2003 - General Business Analysis Questions and Guide
(400 general questions plus guide showing how to interpret answers in conjunction with business ratios and how to solve potential problems)

Coming Fall 2003 - Advanced Business Analysis Questions
(select from over 1,200 questions to provide 360 degree feedback on a wide range of business areas - customize each set of questions to suit your organization structure and uniqueness)

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