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Inventory Management Software System
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Inventory management and control spreadsheet tool enables the user to:

- Use worksheet form to speed physical inventory counting.

- Calculate the value of physical inventory (up to 1,000 items).

- Forecast and manage cash flows by determining upcoming payables de upon receipt of inventory purchases.

For each inventory item (up to 1,000 items per spreadsheet):

- Compare expected inventory to physical inventory to determine variances and inventory shortages.

- Estimate inventory consumption during re-order period (time between ordering and receipt of inventory).

- Calculate inventory safety stock and re-order point.

- Calculate economic order size based on calculation of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and order lot size.

- Calculate expected average inventory level, inventory turnover and sales to inventory (shows which inventory items contribute most, and least, to profits).

- Estimate date, volume and value of inventory order and receipt of goods.


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Inventory Management Spreadsheet System

$175.00 US


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