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business financial analysis software
financial analysis ratios
business financial analysis software

Business Enterprise Performance Systems

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Business Enterprise Performance Systems

Business enterprise performance management software, systems and solutions for enterprise resource planning.

Business enterprise performance improvement requires 3 steps:

1.      business enterprise performance analysis

2.      planning solutions and resources for business performance improvements

3.      implementation of business performance improvement solutions

In addition to management consulting services for all of the above steps, we offer several analytic business enterprise resources, systems and solutions to help you perform the first two steps yourself.  

Bizwiz products are ideal to start a small business consulting firm, leverage accounting firms into management consulting operations or increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your management consulting company.

By using our proven, professional, easy-to-use business performance analysis products you will:

 i      Quickly determine where your business enterprise needs to focus resources for maximum improvement,

i      Save time, effort and money in your business enterprise performance analysis and resource planning, 

i      Clearly and easily understand the performance of your business enterprise,

i      Readily identify appropriate enterprise resource planning solutions for business performance improvements,

i      Confidently make solid business enterprise performance  improvements based on complete and thorough analysis of your business enterprise,

i      Quickly implement performance solutions that deliver a quick payback and yield a high rate of return,

i      Increase the performance of your business enterprise, and 

i      Determine where to focus enterprise resource planning solutions for business performance improvements.


Business Enterprise Analysis Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Business Management Solutions

Select from our wide range of  enterprise performance management and enterprise resource planning software, systems and solutions listed below:  

Small to Medium Enterprise Analysis Software Programs

Enterprise performance analysis software. Resource for business enterprise owners, management, accountants or consultants of small and medium sized businesses.

Basic:              Main and Analysis modules standard.

Options:            Upgrade to include more Main or Analysis modules, Detail module, Ratios module, Monthly Ratios module and/or Complete SME Analysis and Troubleshooter Solution.  


Financial Statement Ratio Analysis Software

Clearly understand the picture painted by financial statements.

Determine and monitor your business enterprise performance. 

Determine where to focus you enterprise resource planning.

Select from several spreadsheet software programs from 8 ratios to 150 business enterprise management performance ratios.


Business Financial Troubleshooter Business Software Solution Systems

Quick, easy financial troubleshooter analysis and enterprise resource planning solution system.

Select from three enterprise performance analysis and resource planning solution systems.


Business Performance Feedback and Analysis Questions 

Quick access to  questions needed for business analysis and enterprise resource planning.

Select from resource of 1,201 individual questions 

Four business enterprise solution packages available.

Four levels of services available, ranging from business performance questions only to a full report and recommendations for planning enterprise solutions.


Bizwiz Consulting Products is a division of Bizwiz Consulting Group Ltd., Wizards of Business Analysis, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada