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financial analysis ratios
business financial analysis software

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business financial analysis software

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The following questions will save you time and help you determine the best BIZWIZ analysis and solution system for your business enterprise.

Do you know the real issues and problems affecting the performance of your business enterprise?

Yes With our systems you will have verification and support for your business improvement campaign that addresses the real issues and problems. They also locate further issues and problems to continue targeting continuous improvement solutions. 

NoYou need to identify and address these issues before they cause any further damage or loss of potential income. Use one or more of our management information and business analysis systems to identify the real issues and problems and implement business improvement solutions.

Do your financial statements present and explain information in a clear manner that leads to better business decision making?

YesCongratulations! You know the accounting information system should lead to better business decisions. Adding our financial systems improves your existing accounting information system process by providing decision-making information quicker and clearer. Our 360 Degree Business Feedback system enhances your system by providing non-financial analysis of your business.

NoYou are wasting money on your accounting information system. It must lead to better business decisions by management. With the Financial Statement Ratio Analysis systems  and SME Analysis systems you will understand your financial statement information and make business decisions.

Does the financial statement information form part of your decision on whether to finance or purchase a business?

YesWith our Financial Statement Ratio Analysis systems you will save time and reduce the risk of incorrect decisions. The 360 Degree Business Feedback system will further improve your decision-making process by finding other strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for better enterprise resource planning.  

Do you know which functional business areas need to be addressed?

YesGet further information and feedback on those functional areas with the 360 Degree Business Feedback system. These provide specific questions to obtain management and employees information and feedback in their functional business areas. These will lead to better enterprise resource planning and improvements.

NoWith the SME Cost Accounting system  or the Financial Statement Ratio Analysis system you will know which functional business areas are deteriorating in performance. The Business Financial Troubleshooter System provides you with a complete diagnosis and solutions system to identify and solve business enterprise problems. The 360 Degree Business Feedback system provides you with information and feedback from management, employees and external sources.  

Is the business a public corporation with foreign assets? 

YesWe recommend upgrading to the TS115 or TS150 Business Troubleshooter System, or the RA150 – Extreme financial statement ratio analysis system. The CQ35 or CQ50 packages of the 360 Degree Business Feedback systems are recommended for further improvements in the enterprise resource planning.

No - The TS70 Small Business Financial Troubleshooter system and the SME Analysis system will adequately address your needs. We recommend the SME Troubleshooter Package, which contains both resources. The CQ15, CQ25 or CQ35 packages of 360 Degree Business Feedback questions will determine further business issues, problems and solutions.

Would you like one simple system to identify current business problems and provide solutions?

YesThe Business Financial Troubleshooter systems will easily identify your business problems and provide performance improvement solutions. Pre-selected questions, in the 360 Degree Business Feedback system, covers all the functional areas of a business. You may select one, several or all of the 25 templates. Adding the Argenti strategic planning software from Chicago Analytics, will help your implementation planning.

NoYou have several options to choose from. You can add further analysis modules to the SME Cost Accounting system. You have several Financial Statement Ratio Analysis systems to choose from. You can select from among 1,200 feedback questions with the 360 Degree Business Feedback system.

Would you like to compare your results to an industry benchmark?

YesComparing business enterprise results in a meaningful way is best done through ratio analysis. With either the RA-125 Wizard and RA-150 Extreme Financial Statement Ratio analysis programs you can compare and chart your business results against a benchmark.

Are you analyzing more than one entity (division or company)?

YesWe recommend purchasing the SME Analysis System with additional Main modules. With one Analysis modules and several Main modules, you can switch entities, without reentering information, with a simple change of Main module links. You, your employees, or your clients can each input into Main modules and download into one Analysis module. Adding optional Ratios or Monthly Ratios module enables you to calculate and report financial statement ratio analysis without further changing of links.

NoYou can use the SME Analysis System without adding further Main modules.

Will the analysis be done and reported from a central location?

YesYou will require only one copy of a system or SME Analysis module will suffice. 

NoYou will need to purchase separate systems for each user location.

Would you like to add a strategic planning system 

YesWe recommend going to Chicago Analytics at to purchase the Argenti or other strategic planning software.

Are you interested in other specialized business resources and tools?

YesVisit our Other Resources page, or subscribe to our free e-zine.

Are you looking for other financial or accounting software?

YesVisit our Other Resources page.


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