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business intelligence tools, software, processes, solutions, systems
business intelligence tools, software, processes, solutions, systems
business intelligence tools

   Business Intelligence Tools
business intelligence tools, software, processes, solutions, system

Business Intelligence tools and solutions, including business intelligence software, processes and systems.

Our business intelligence toots are designed pay for themselves several times over by being:

low cost - the low the cost the higher the return on investment

easy to use and understand - no cost, in time and money, for training and learning new systems

offered in variety of sized and functions - only buy what you need and reduce the cost

We do this by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents and sending them as email attachments. There was no need to develop an expensive system. We have reduced the expensive costs of producing pretty boxes that only sit on your shelf. We have reduced the packaging and shipping costs so we can deliver products quicker and at a lower cost. We have eliminated all expensive marketing and sales costs that only add to the price.

Our financial business intelligence tools include:

- a financial troubleshooter system which not only provides business intelligence, but help you identify financial problems, identify which should be solved first and offer solutions to correct them.

- financial statement analysis book of spreadsheet calculation systems or other financial statement ratio analysis solutions.

- a business valuation calculator - for $125 calculates the value of your business.


Our non-financial business intelligence tools include business intelligence questions offered by:

- Process

- Person being questioned

- Custom question sets


We also offer the best Business Plans, Marketing Plans, and Advertising Plans software from PaloAlto Software.


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