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Business Analyst Solution System

Business Analyst Troubleshooter Solution System. Quick solution system for business analyst. 

Now available in the purchaser's choice of currency!

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Order page for business analyst Financial Troubleshooter solution system

How to order business analyst troubleshooter solution system 

 1) Fill the information in the form,

 2a) If using PayPay, use the PayPal "Add to Cart" buttons.


 2b) If paying by company check, certified check, money order or bank draft: 

Make sure that the email address is correct, as these are sent attached to an email.

 Print the form twice (one to send in with order and one for your records or check   request). 

On the printed form, circle the systems that you are ordering.

 Write a company or certified check, bank draft, or money order payable, in U.S. funds, to:

 Bizwiz Consulting Group Ltd.

 Mail form and check to:

Bizwiz Consulting Group Ltd.

23 McKinley Road SE

Calgary, AB   Canada

T2Z 1T6

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Name of Designated User*
Name of Party to Invoice**
Address (cont.)
City, State
Country, ZIP ***
Email address
Contact name
Contact phone number

  *      To minimize pirating, the program will contain the name of designated end user 

  **    Invoice/Receipt will accompany program

  *** Canadian purchases include 7% GST - Invoice will be issued showing GST paid.

Please read and copy the End-User License Agreement.

I have read and agree to abide by the end-user agreement

TS70  $725 US    Now only $579 US


TS115  - $825 US  Now only $629 US  


TS150  - $925 US    Now only $689 US


1 Electronic version sent as Microsoft Word and Excel attachments to email.

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