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calculate key business ratio analysis
key business ratio analysis

Excel spreadsheet to calculate 8 key financial ratios
key financial ratios

RA-8 Basic TM financial ratio analysis spreadsheet 

Recommended minimal tool for entrepreneurs.

  Calculates 8 key financial ratios. 

Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, Average Collection Period, Inventory Turnover, Profit Margin Ratio, Return on Assets, Times Interest Earned and Debt to Equity Ratio

-    Easy to learn and use Excel spreadsheet program.

-   Find and calculate key business ratios through financial formulas.

-   Accurate key financial and business ratio calculations based on accounting information system and analysis of key financial statement information.

-   Performance charts provide easy, visual business performance indicators to quickly identify key business and financial areas to focus business resources for effective business solutions.

-   Business problems, concerns or continuous improvement trends easily recognized with 3 year financial statement comparisons.

-   Key financial accounting ratio explanations provide business performance monitoring tools key to understanding financial statements.

     Price $40 US   Now reduced to $29 plus receive $24 credit towards any future purchase of a higher level financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheet

RA-8 Basis - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $40  US now only $29


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