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business ratio analysis
business ratio analysis

15 ratios calculator - excel spreadsheet
business analysis companies

RA- 15  financial ratio analysis spreadsheet calculator

  Calculates 15 key financial ratios –  Average Collection Period, Breakeven Point, Cash Breakeven Point, Cash Flow Ratio, Cash Flow to Debt, Cash Maturity Coverage, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, Inventory Turnover, Quick Ratio, Return on Assets, Return on Investment, Sales to Accounts Payable, Sales to Breakeven, Times Interest Earned. 

-    Easy to learn and use calculator in Excel spreadsheet program.

-   Calculate key business ratios and understand how accounting information effects financial and managerial accounting ratio calculations through financial formulas. 

-   Financial calculations provide accurate business ratios based on accounting information system and financial statement analysis.

-   Quickly identify where to focus business resources for implementing effective business solutions with business management performance charts, which provide easy, visual business performance indicators.

-   Business problems, concerns or continuous improvement trends easily recognized with 3 year financial statement comparisons.

-   Management accounting equations and financial accounting ratio explanations provide business performance monitoring tools to understand financial statements.

     Price $75 US  ($85 with Altman z-score)

New Price $49 ($56 with Altman z-score)

RA-15 - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $75  US now only $49


RA-15 + Alman - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $85  US now only $56


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Order with $250 in coupons - $90 US ($100 with Altman z-score)  


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financial analysis software
business analysis companies