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calculate key business indicators analysis
key business performacne indicators ratio analysis

Excel spreadsheet to calculate

15 key business performance indicators
key financial performance indicators ratios

RA-15x1  business ratio analysis spreadsheet 

  Calculates 15 key business performance ratios. 

-    Easy to learn and use Excel spreadsheet program.

-    Accurate key  business performance ratio calculations based on accounting information system and analysis of key financial statement information.

-  15 key business indicators and ratios calculated: cash ratio, acid test ratio, quick ratio, current ratio, debt to equity, average collection period, inventory holding period, operating cycle, accounts receivable turnover, inventory turnover, fixed asset coverage, cash debt coverage, fixed charge coverage, times interest earned and return on shareholders equity.

-   Input 14 key numbers from financial statements and calculate 15 key business performance indication ratios. 

RA-15x1 - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - only $30.00 USD -



key financial performance indicators ratios analysis software
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